You’ll notice bigger, bolder lips on social media and on the city streets.

Lip fillers are certainly having a moment right now… and we’re not surprised. Who doesn’t want sexy, big lips?

Let’s quickly cover what lip fillers are.

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that our bodies naturally create. You’ve probably seen it listed as an ingredient in beauty products. When applied to the skin, it has almost instant effects.

But when used via a needle, it can penetrate much deeper. And we have lip fillers!

And, those 3 benefits of lip injections?

We know what you’re thinking.

It doesn’t sound pleasant, we know. But it’s no different than getting your annual flu shot. While you might experience swelling for a day or two, it’ll dissipate quickly and you’ll be loving those bigger lips in no time.

There are three main reasons why people get lip fillers:

1. Bigger, fuller lips

This, of course, is the number one reason why people get fillers. Fuller lips can make you look younger, feel sexier, and increase your confidence. And when applied correctly, it looks natural because it uses hyaluronic acid. Because it’s natural, there’s less chance of bruising, too.


2. Gradual progression

You don’t need to go all-out dramatic pout, in one session. Natural fillers can be given over months, years even. If you’re unsure how big you want to go, start small and work your way up, with every treatment.

3. Fast recovery, less side-effects

Lip fillers aren’t an invasive procedure. Your doctor will go through any possible allergies and medical issues, pre-treatment. You’ll be surprised at how much confidence a little extra shape in your lips can give you. Most people who have lip fillers are going about their normal activities, after they’re session.

We use a topical, numbing cream to ensure the process is as pain-free as possible. The process involves up to six, tiny injections into the lips. The end result should last between five to nine months (including that wonderfully, hydrated feeling). This also reduces fine lines, as you age.

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic … Your Lip Filler Specialist

There’s also another benefit that people don’t know until after their procedure. Lip fillers are a skin booster, smoothing out dry and cracked lips. If you’re constantly going through tubs of lip balm, this will instantly improve hydration in the lips.

But you don’t want to end up with that puffy, “wow, her lips” look. And not the good reaction. It’s important to choose a professional doctor who has experience with lip injections. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re seeking lip reduction support.

Full, sexy lips are achievable. Book a consultation at Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic today or call us on +65 68159922 to assess your individual needs and desired ‘pout.’

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