What’s the best way to remove stubborn fat, slim down and improve body contour?

Diet and exercise are the key factors in body slimming, but they may not be the only ones. Sometimes, even with the proper and healthy diet, regular and appropriate exercise, stubborn fats may be resilient to shed off.

What is Fat Freeze or Fat Cryolipolysis?

Fat Freeze is a non-invasive fat cell reduction technique, through the process of freezing fat cells, removing stubborn fat deposits to bring about a more contoured body. Fat Freeze brings about body slimming, giving you visible, measurable and long-lasting results without surgery.

What is the science behind Fat Freeze?

Using suction, stubborn fat bulge is vacuumed into the Clatuu applicators. As fat cells are more vulnerable to cold, it will undergo apotosis when the patented Clatuu Fat Freeze applicators cool the area to negative nine degrees, letting the fat cells undergo apoptosis. Apoptosis is the death of (fat) cells due to cool temperature, without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area. The destroyed fat cells in the treatment area are reduced through the natural metabolism processes over a period of 12 weeks, allowing the body to appear slimmed, toned and contoured.

Why CLATUU 360° Fat Freeze?

Clatuu Fat Freeze is one of the most technologically advanced system available today, with the world’s first patented 360° cooling applicators to transfer cooling energy to a bigger and wider targeted treatment area, significantly covering the bulge. These applicators are also able to maintain a stable and cool temperature, giving about more visible results in a shorter amount of time.

Also, Clatuu 360° Fat Freeze is able to offer dual head to allow treatment of 2 areas to be treated at the same time, allowing you to target more areas in a shorter period of time, providing you a more efficient body slimming treatment.

Extensive clinical trials have been carried out with the Clatuu Fat Freeze body slimming technology to ensure good results.


What is the Clatuu Fat Freeze treatment like?

Targeted areas must first be identified.  Safety gel pad is then applied onto the area, before cupping the Clatuu applicators onto the area. Upon pressing the “Start” button, there will be a light tugging of the skin into the treatment applicator and the cooling starts. There might be a slight discomfort at the start of the fat freeze, but will usually disappear after the first 30-60 seconds.

The Clatuu Fat Freeze treatment will usually last for 1 hour. After the treatment, the applicator head will be removed, leaving a frozen “bulge” that will be massaged to hasten the breaking down of fats.


What are the results from the fat freeze treatment?

As apoptosis is a natural body process, fat freeze results are not immediate. The best results of the body slimming effect will be shown after 3 months. However, as Clatuu uses an improved fat freezing technology, noticeable results could be seen as early as 1 to 2 weeks.

Typically 20% (or 1 inch) fat reduction could be seen in one fat freeze treatment. However, one has to access the thickness of the area, to determine the number of sessions needed for the best results for body slimming.


What is the downtime of the fat freeze treatment?

As Clatuu Fat Freeze is completely non-invasive, you can resume your daily activities immediately post procedure. However, some patients may experience slight swelling, bruising or aching, which will dissipate after 1 to 2 weeks.


Is Fat Freeze safe?

Clatuu Fat Freeze has undergone long hours of testing to ensure that the cooling only damages fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues of the treatment area. It is also non-invasive.

It is to be noted that a special triple gel pad should be used together, to prevent burns, ensuring safety of the fat freeze body slimming treatment.


What are the commonly treated areas for body slimming?

  • Lower belly
  • Flanks
  • Love handles
  • Thigh fat commonly known as saddle bag
  • Bra bulges
  • Back fat
  • Upper arms

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