While you may not have a beach trip planned within the next couple of months, you’re never too early to start preparing for one. And we’re not talking about just hitting the gym to get that beach-bod physique ready.

We’re going to lead with the one thing that no girl wants to worry about while they’re sunbaking or frolicking in the water – hair, where it shouldn’t be.

Let’s get started, beach babes. 

Here are Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic‘s top 3 beach body preparation services!

Summer Treatment #1: Removing Hair.  

Sick of shaving? Hate the way it makes your skin feel? Avoid that prickly, sometimes painful sensation and go for laser instead. You’ve probably had a few friends get laser hair removal before and you’re curious yourself.

If so, let’s talk about a certain type of laser treatment, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This hair-reducing technology means you don’t have to reach for the shaver or waxing product as often. While the hair doesn’t stop re-growing immediately, it’s much finer and lighter. Overtime hair growth is reduced and you’re left with smoother skin.

IPL can also brighten skin tone, treat pigmentation and increase collagen stimulation – one of the greats of any anti-ageing regime.

Summer Treatment #2: Reducing Stretch Marks.

Ladies, we all have them. Maybe you’ve had a baby or lost some weight recently. It’s important to understand that stretch marks are natural and everyone gets them. But, don’t let them get in the way of you rocking that cute, new bikini.

One way to help reduce stretch marks is with a fractional resurfacing laser. It’s an ablative laser that focuses pin-point areas of the skin surface with a grid-like pattern. It promotes rapid healing that leads to collagen remodelling and cell regeneration. Scars, fine lines and wrinkles are also treated. Hello, sexy legs!

Summer Treatment #3: Fat Freezing. 

If you’ve been exercising every day with your ideal beach bod fuelling your motivation, good work. However, sometimes, working out doesn’t get the results you want. If you’re struggling to get rid of that stubborn fat, consider the non-invasive CLATUU Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis.

Learn more about Fat Freeze Body Slimming in our blog post – Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis Body Slimming in Singapore

It sounds a little daunting, but don’t worry, we’re about to explain what it is.

We use a 360° surround cooling method to freeze unwanted fat, which induces a natural process of fat cell death. It doesn’t cause damage to surrounding areas and it’s entirely safe. Over the three months that follow, your body metabolises these unwanted fat cells and removes them from the body.

The results we’ve seen have been amazing.

If you’d like more information about any of these services, contact us at +65 6815 9922 or Whatsapp/SMS +65 8866 9922 or email us at consult@luxaestheticclinic.com to book an appointment or to find out more! We believe that every woman should look and feel her best. All of our offerings centre on this ethos.

Our trained medical practitioners are happy to talk about anything you’re concerned with. It’s important to spend time outdoors, with friends and family. Don’t let a lack of confidence keep you inside.

Let’s get you beach-ready.

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