Intracel Acne Scars Treatment

The Intracel Microneedling treatment offers revolutionary solutions for stubborn Acne Scars.

What is Intracel and what does it do?

The Intracel treatment offers Microneedling coupled with Fractional Radio Frequency (RF), applied at just the right depth within the skin. This helps to mainly improve acne scars. At the same time it reduces pores, lifts and tightens the skin through collagen stimulation.

The fractional RF is delivered through an array of microneedles into the skin. Each needle is fully insulated except 0.3mm of the needle tip where RF energy is emitted. This special technology ensures that the RF energy is delivered into the skin exactly where it is needed, without damaging the top layer of the skin.

What does the Microneedling and Radio Frequency do?

The combination of Microneedling and RF further improves collagen stimulation within the skin. This helps to smoothen acne scars, tighten skin and reduce pore size. When treating acne scars, it is usually recommended to utilize a combination of treatments. Combining Intracel together with Edge Fractional CO2  Acne Scar Laser Removal can help to further improve the smoothening of acne scars to obtain even better results.

How is the treatment done?

A layer of topical numbing cream is first applied to the skin. This helps to make the procedure more comfortable. The Intracel Microneedle array is then applied to the skin. When the treatment starts, the needles from the array penetrate the skin surface and delivers RF into the skin where it triggers the body’s own collagen production process. The increase in amounts of collagen within the skin smoothens acne scars and firms the skin.

Is there any downtime associated with this procedure?

Mild redness or flushing can be expected from the treatment for 2-3 days.

Are there any side effects?

The Intracel treatment is FDA approved, safe and has been used to treat many satisfied and happy patients. Side effects are rare but includes infection, pigmentary changes, slight swelling and acneiform rash.

Will my acne scars improve immediately?

The full result from each Intracel session can be seen after 2-3 months. This is the usual amount of time taken by the body to stimulate collagen production. Immediately after treatment, one might find that the scars have improved tremendously and the skin is much tighter. This is usually due to the slight swelling of the skin immediately post treatment. This effect may last 1-2 weeks before seemingly returning the skin to its original state. The condition of the skin will then continue to improve slowly over 2-3 months as the body stimulates collagen growth. It is recommended to receive 3-4 sessions of Intracel treatment for even better results. A consultation with a doctor will help to determine the number of sessions required.

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  4. Hi, i have had numerous fractional co2 lasers with limited success, probably recovery of 60% from my acne scars. I am considering intracel and am keen to see if this can stretch off the plateau I have experienced from co2.

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