Are you looking to tone up your muscles quickly but do not have enough time to hit the gym regularly? Have you been working out regularly but cannot see results fast enough?

Medisculpt is your answer to body sculpting and remodelling.

Medisculpt utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation to penetrate the muscles in depth, bringing about supramaximal contractions. This helps sculpt the body and tighten the muscles efficiently. In addition, the supramaximal muscle contraction induced by this body contouring device contributes to the reduction of local fat deposits in the treated area.

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Muscle tone and strengthen while burning fats concurrently.

What is Medisculpt  Body Contouring Treatment Used For?

Medisculpt can be used for:

  • Muscle toning (trunk, arms, buttocks, legs and shoulders)
  • Reducing subcutaneous fat
  • The improvement of local microcirculation
  • Reduction of post -partum abdominal diastasis

How Often Does It Need to Be Done?

It is generally recommended to complete six to twelve sessions every two days for the initial phase. This is followed by maintenance treatments once every one to two months. 

However, the number of sessions may vary from individual to individual, depending on their condition.  We will tailor the treatment intervals according to your specific needs to achieve the best possible result.

What Happens During Each Session?

Each Medisculpt body contouring session lasts about thirty minutes.

The warmup takes place within the first five minutes. Starting with low contraction frequency, the intensity is slowly increased. This warms and vascularises the muscles to prepare them for the actual training phase. 

The training phase consists of phases 1 and 2. Each phase lasts ten minutes and delivers intense and super-intense contractions, respectively. The intensity of the training levels is gradually increased, eventually reaching a peak in phase 2, causing an increase in muscular contraction.

The session concludes with a five-minute cooling down phase. During this phase, the constant intensity coupled with alternating levels of frequencies will simulate the action of a draining massage, which will help loosen the muscles after training. Following this, the contraction frequency and intensity are then slowly reduced.

The focused electromagnetic stimulation brings about 20,000 strong muscular contractions during each thirty-minute session.

If we are targeting the abdominal muscles, that would be equivalent to around 20,000 sit-ups in thirty minutes!

20,000 muscular contractions in 30 minutes


What Will I Feel?

The treated area may feel slightly warm and the muscular effort and activity may lead to slight fatigue during the session.

The Medisculpt session requires no downtime for recovery. You will be able to resume your regular activities immediately after the session!

In the days following the treatment session, you might experience some mild muscle soreness similar to what you might feel after a vigorous workout.

Why Medisculpt?

Precision and Safety

The carefully designed structure and shape of the applicators ensure a homogenous field across their entire cross-section for a more comfortable procedure. A personalised programme is created for every patient ensuring their safety.

Shift Pulse

Automatic variation of the focused electromagnetic pulse. Each individual programme emits pulses with different signals, frequencies and stimulation parameters. The muscle is thus subjected to different phases of contractile stimulation, producing maximum muscle recruitment while avoiding habituation.

Sequenced Electromagnetic Impulses

The magnetic impulses emitted by the applicator act in sequence and are able to create a special three-dimensional contractile effect on the muscle mass.

Reflex, Focused Electromagnetic Field

The reflex technology in the applicator develops up to 2.5T of power, creating polarisation and depolarisation of the muscle concerned, thus promoting contractile stimulation in 100% of the muscle mass.

Short Treatment Times

Up to four different areas can be treated in the same session – short and effective treatment times.

Simultaneous Toning and Fat Reduction of the Treated Area

Enjoy muscle toning and fat reduction concurrently.


Will My Muscles Return to Their Original Condition if I Stop Receiving Treatments?

Yes. If you work out regularly, your muscles will be toned. On the other hand, if toning exercises are stopped for some time, the muscles will eventually return to their original condition. Hence, we recommend regular maintenance sessions after the initial six to twelve sessions.

What Can I Expect from Medisculpt Body Contouring?

You can expect to get firmer, leaner and more well-toned muscles. As the focused electromagnetic stimulation delivers around 20,000 contractions in just one session, it is effective in sculpting the body. This effective muscle remodelling is not possible through physical means without the assistance of a body sculpting device.

How Much Weight Will I Lose with Body Sculpting?

While the main goal of body sculpting is not weight loss, you can shape up your body by targeting specific problem areas and lose a considerable amount of fat cells in your body.

Diastasis Recti and Postpartum Abdominal Diastasis

diastasis recti

The term “Diastasis” indicates a separation, while “Recti” refers to the abdominal muscles known as rectus abdominis.

Diastasis recti is a common condition that affects around two-thirds of pregnant women. During pregnancy, the pressure exerted on the abdominal muscles can cause them to stretch and separate. When the abdominal muscles separate, the uterus, bowels and other organs only have a thin band of connective tissue in front of the structures to hold them in place. Your tummy might then stick out, leaving you with a post-pregnancy “pooch”.

How Can Medisculpt Help Reduce Postpartum Abdominal Diastasis?

This treatment aids in reducing the infamous and dreaded post-pregnancy “pooch” and helps restore the tone of the abdominal wall. During the treatment for diastasis recti, the rectus, lateral, and oblique muscles of the abdomen will be stimulated and strengthened. The combination of this stimulation and the supramaximal muscle contraction results in an effective reduction of the post-pregnancy pooch that troubles many women post-pregnancy.

Body Areas That Can Be Treated with Medisculpt

  • Abdomen
  • Pelvic floor muscles
  • Buttocks
  • Biceps and triceps
  • Thighs – inner, outer, front and back

How Much Will It Cost You?

Medisculpt body toning at $2000* for 12 sessions

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Dr. Kellyn Shiau
Dr Kellyn Shiau graduated from University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore. After graduation, she practiced medicine in various major restructured hospitals and also privately with a well-established medical group in Singapore. She is experienced and has trained extensively in medical aesthetics for many years.