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Our tear trough fillers treatment will help you look less tired and more refreshed with minimal downtime!

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What are tear troughs?

The tear trough deepens with age to cause a sunken appearance around the under eye area and, in some cases, contributes to dark eye circles. This gives individuals a permanently tired look.

A simple filler injection into this area replaces the volume loss, lightens dark circles and rejuvenates the area*.

The effects are immediate and it creates an instantly refreshed look. The correction of the tear trough also hides subtle eye bags and smoothens out the under eye area.

Overactive under eye muscles also contribute to the appearance of tear troughs. A small injection under the eye can help to reduce its appearance and indirectly making the eyes look bigger.

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How is it done?

At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, we apply a topical numbing cream under the eye area. As the area over the tear trough is thinner, an appropriate soft filler is specially selected to create just enough volume but reduce the risk of lumps.

All our fillers contain lignocaine (a numbing agent) that helps to make the procedure more comfortable.  The administration of tear trough fillers takes about 15 minutes and involves 1-2 injection sites per tear trough to sufficiently to correct the deficit. Depending on the depth of the tear trough, 1-2cc of soft filler may be required.

Are there any side effects?

Major side effects are uncommon. There is minimal to no down time.

However, as there are many tiny vessels under the eye area, the risk of bruising is slightly higher compared to other sites. An experienced injector will carefully select appropriate injection sites to reduce the risk of bruising.

Some possible side effects include slight swelling, bruising or needle marks. These effects if occurs, usually dissipate quickly.


The tear trough area is rejuvenated after the filler injection. Dark eye circles are less obvious and the eyes appear less sunken*.

One can look less tired and more refreshed.

How much will it cost you?

Tear Trough Filler price starts from $700*

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Dr. Kellyn Shiau
Dr Kellyn Shiau graduated from University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore. After graduation, she practiced medicine in various major restructured hospitals and also privately with a well-established medical group in Singapore. She is experienced and has trained extensively in medical aesthetics for many years.


Dark eye circles could be due to shadows cast by eye bags, tear troughs or puffy eyelids.



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