Are you looking to lift sagging skin?

Do you want to look more refreshed and turn back the hands of time? We have the answer to your woes. At Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic, our non-invasive skin lifting treatment in Singapore builds new collagen as well as lifts and tightens loose skin without any surgery or downtime.

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What is Non-Invasive Real-time Skin Lifting Treatment?

This treatment is an U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens your skin. It is considered to be the benchmark for non-invasive skin lifting.

This facelift utilises ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen within the skin. The body’s own natural healing process is used in this treatment to achieve toned and tightened skin. 

As a result, this repositioning will make your skin return to a more youthful state, giving you a refreshed appearance.

How Does This Non-Invasive Skin Lifting Treatment Work?

By delivering focused ultrasound energy, this treatment procedure targets the SMAS layer (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) to boost collagen deep within the skin without disrupting the surface of the skin.

The ultrasound energy triggers a natural response from the body and jumpstarts the regenerative process to produce new, fresh collagen. No needles, cuts or injections are required for this procedure.

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How is This Treatment Different from Other Standard FaceLifting Treatments?

This non-invasive procedure is equipped with an ultrasound visual imaging system. This allows the doctor to apply the ultrasound energy at the exact layer within the skin for the maximal benefit of tightening and lifting.

This ultrasound visual imaging system allows us the doctor to deliver effective results while minimising any treatment risk.

What's More?

Most patients experience zero downtime with, although some may experience slight redness, swelling, and tenderness post-treatment.

These side effects are usually mild and transient.

Some patients may experience slight discomfort, but this usually goes away within a few weeks. This treatment does not usually cause any pain and you can go about your daily routine as normal.

This non-invasive skin lifting treatment can lift and tighten the upper and lower face, neck, double chin area, and brow.

The treatment can enhance the appearance of nasolabial folds (also known as laugh lines), jowls, fine lines, and jawlines. It can also reduce the appearance of a double chin and tighten sagging skin around the neck.

Anyone with mild to moderate skin laxity who wishes to lift and firm their skin without undergoing surgery is an eligible candidate. Typically, those in their 30s and above will benefit from this procedure

However, some younger patients may choose to have the procedure done as aesthetic maintenance.

The full effects of treatment usually take around three months to come into effect, but you may notice some initial lifting immediately post-procedure.

After a consultation with our doctor to determine your suitability for the treatment, a specially formulated numbing cream will be applied to your skin to make the procedure more comfortable.

After 30 minutes, the numbing cream will be washed off and replaced with gel. This allows for effective contact between the skin and the transducer.

The precise layer where the ultrasound energy will be deposited will be visualised through ultrasound visual imaging. The duration of the treatment depends on the area that’s being treated.

A full face and neck treatment may take around 45-60 minutes.

Our skin tightening treatment uses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen growth within the skin.

How long the effects last may vary from individual to individual. Our body’s natural ageing process will slowly deplete the newly laid down collagen over time, translating into visible changes from the exterior.

Absolutely! The non-Invasive skin lifting treatment does not affect the surface of the skin. Hence, you will be able to resume your regular activities immediately post-procedure.

It’s a great lunchtime procedure, as you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment. You can also return to work immediately after your session without anyone noticing!

It will not be able to replace the results of a surgical facelift. However, it is a clinically proven, non-invasive alternative for those not ready to undergo surgery.

This treatment creates natural lifted results and does not make one appear stiff or unnatural.

Typically, one treatment session is sufficient. But those with a higher degree of skin laxity or those who want to lift and firm more may opt for more than one treatment session in Singapore.

The treatment can be repeated every nine to twelve months for maintenance.

How Much Will This Treatment Cost You?

The prices for this treatment may vary depending on the area you wish to target and the laxity of the skin.

Our treatment prices for the lower face start from $2580*

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Important Information

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Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute medical advice and readers rely on the statements contained herein at their own risk. Treatment results, experiences and downtime (if any) may vary by individuals. Please make an appointment with our clinic for a thorough medical assessment of your condition and treatment requirements.

Dr. Kellyn Shiau
Dr Kellyn Shiau graduated from University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore. After graduation, she practiced medicine in various major restructured hospitals and also privately with a well-established medical group in Singapore. She is experienced and has trained extensively in medical aesthetics for many years.


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